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To ensure stability of payouts on deposits, we have created the insurance fund. The fund is replenished for many months, and will be able to withstand very large drawdowns.


Our professional and caring team invests and allocates your funds in ways that create the greatest long-term returns for you.


All personal data are stored in an encrypted format. The information is transmitted using worldwide SSL protocol.

About us

About us

Cryptoslites is a mixture of professional team developers such as managers, engineers and financiers involved in forex technology. This platform provides an opportunity to receive stable and reliable income for program participants and their partners.

We have a winning combination of professional investment experience and our unique trading technologies. Speed, flexibility and a strictly disciplined investment approach are the basic principles of our work. We actively trade in the Forex market.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our investor with an excellent opportunity for their funds, Investing wisely as possible in order to get higher rates in return. There are some simple ways we can help you reduce the risk of losing more than you can afford.

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Good Plans

Our Investment Plans

We have made available plans that will suite everyone.

  • Plan Terms: Forever
  • ROI: 100% ROI
  • Withdrawals: Instant
  • Min Deposit: $500
  • Max Deposit: $2999
Classic Plan
  • Plan Terms: Forever
  • ROI: 100% ROI
  • Withdrawals: Instant
  • Min Deposit: $1500
  • Max Deposit: $4999
Professional Plan
  • Plan Terms: Forever
  • ROI: 100% ROI
  • Withdrawals: Instant
  • Min Deposit: $3000
  • Max Deposit: $7000
Gold Plan
  • Plan Terms: Forever
  • ROI: 100% ROI
  • Min Deposit: $5000
  • Max Deposit: Unlimited

Why Chose us

With our innovative traders, you have many more reasons to chose us.


Trade with 100% peace of mind as we have the best system security team onboard.


With our lightning speed servers, you are sure to get the best out of your investments.


Watch your accruals grow in real time and monitor how much revenue is being generated for you..


With different packages, Our system is modelled to accommodate everyone no matter how much you have to invest.


You have zero chances of losing your investments as all our assets are duly covered by inssurance..


Invest in the world's most popular cryptocurrency and enjoy all the benefits that comes with it..


# Gateway Name Amount Time Status
1 Bank Transfer Daniel J. Jordan $10,000 2 day(s) ago
2 Bank Transfer Alfred A. O'Brian $5,000 4 day(s) ago
3 Bitcoin Ismael Lowcks $3,130 5 day(s) ago
4 Bitcoin Margaret J. Castrejon $25,000 1 day(s) ago
5 Bitcoin Elizabeth M. Arnold $8,000 3 day(s) ago
6 Ethereum Jerome G. Cox $4,000 1 day(s) ago
7 Bank Transfer Anthony A. Hill $1,000 1 day(s) ago
8 Bitcoin Lloyd C. Joyce $1,500 3 day(s) ago
9 Bank Transfer Carole J. Kleiman $2,500 10 day(s) ago
10 Bitcoin Kathryn J. Bailey $3,000 1 day(s) ago


# Gateway Name Amount Time Status
1 Bank Transfer Kay J. Funk $305,574 1 day(s) ago
2 Bank Transfer Jeff B. Poulsen $523,604 3 day(s) ago
3 Bank Transfer David K. Tickle $104,500 6 day(s) ago
4 Bank Transfer Jeremy S. Bone $734,205 4 day(s) ago
6 Bank Transfer Paul J. Fitzgerald $508,500 5 day(s) ago

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